6 Amazing Facts about Santa Clara

Santa Clara is the capital city of Villa Clara and is the 5th most populated region in Cuba. Santa Clara has plenty of interesting facts hidden under its radar. Find here more facts about Santa Clara so that you are well aware of the city if you have been planning to visit there soon.

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Here are some amazing facts about Santa Clara:

  1. Santa Clara was originally founded by 175 people on July 15, 1689, of which 138 individuals represented tow large families while the other 37 came from seven other families.
  2. It is believed that a mass was celebrated under a tamarind tree and that was how Santa Clara was found. The place under the tamarind tree was called Loma del Carmen.
  3. The first-ever building erected around the city where the city council- Cabildo and a palm tree church.
  4. During the 19th century, Santa Clara became prominent travelers stop, between Havana and the eastern region, soon it became the capital of Las Villas province.
  5. The Teatro La Cabridad is one of the most notable buildings in Santa Clara which has been constructed to commemorate the patron saint of Cuba- La Virgen de La Caridad or Our Lady of Charity. Teatro La Cabridad can be seen from every corner of the city and is one of the seven major theatres dating back from the colonial era.
  6. Santa Clara is the original site of the Cuban Revolution that took place in 1958 where Guevara’s soldier destroyed the railroad tracks and many of the buildings using a bulldozer.

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